08.11.1939 1./(F)123 Dornier Do 17P Wnr.(not known) Ofw. Stühler Location: Lubey, 12 km SW of Sizun, France.
Mission: Reconnaissance over France.

Date: 8th November 1939

Unit: 1 Staffel./Fernaufklärungsgruppe 123

Type: Dornier Do 17P

Werke Nr. (not known)

Coded: 4U +

Location: Lubey, 12 km SW of Sizun, France.

Pilot: Oberfeldwebel. Georg Stühler. 1./(F)123 Nr.22 - Killed. Born 06.04.1913 in Würzburg.

Observer: Oberleutnant. Hans Kutter. 1./(F)123 Nr.6 - Killed. Born 07.02.1916 in Hirschberg.

Radio/Op: Obergefreiter. Heinrich Schneidmüller. 1./(F)123 Nr.327 - Killed. Born 01.11.1913 in Hagen-Haspe / Westf.


This aircraft was attacked and shot down by F/O Edgar James (Cobber) Kain in a Hurricane of No.73 Squadron. During the combat Kain's Hurricane was also hit in error by French anti-aircraft gunners during the pursuit. This was Kain's first victory that started his phenomenal career of leading R.A.F. ace of the French campaign. Tragically, Edgar James Kain DFC lost his life on the 7th June 1940 when he crashed to the ground whilst performing low level aerobatics in a Hurricane. He was aged just 21 years.

Ogfr. Schneidmüller, Oblt. Kutter and Ofw. Stühler (Schlichting/Brownless)

Newspaper reporting this victory in France (Archive)

The crash site at Lubey pictured shortly after the crash (Parry)

The crash site today (Parry)

The ill-fated pilot, Georg Stühler of Würzburg and Heinrich Schneidmüller of Hagen-Haspe.

Georg Stühler was born on 6th April 1913 in Würzburg – and was the 5th son and the 7th child of the engine driver Georg Stühler and his wife Elisabetha Eleonore, born Seybold.

After completion of primary school Georg Stühler learned the trade of electric installation until he voluntarily joined the Reichswehr in 1932. In the Reichswehr he got the 6 months lasting basic training in Erlangen and was moved to Inf.Rgt. 55 (Infantry regiment) in Würzburg. After one year service he joined the Lufthansa to become a pilot. After completion of the training he came back to the Reichswehr and was moved to the Reconnaissance group 123 – 1st Squadron on Würzburg airbase. Between June 1938 and January 1939 he voluntarily joined the Legion Condor in Spain and was awarded with the Silver Cross of Spain (silbernes Spanienkreuz) and the Spanish military Service Cross 2nd class (spanisches Militärisches Verdienstkreuz II. Klasse) and also promoted to Oberfeldwebel. He already had received other awards in Germany. In September 1939 he belatedly was awarded with the Gold Cross of Spain (goldenes Spanienkreuz).

After successful completion of several flights over France, he finally was shot down on 8th November 1939 - when carrying out an important mission - during a dogfight near Lubey – and was killed along with his comrades from Spain – Oberlt. Kutter and Obergefr. Schneidmüller. It was the remarkable 8th November when a damnable attack on our Fuehrer was planned, but thanks to destiny could be prevented.

As a brave soldier, and energetic adherer of the Fuehrer he gave his life in duty – and we all know, he gave his life in unshakable faith of the final victory of Greater Germany.

The bodies of Georg Stühler and Heinrich Schneidmüller and Hans Kutter were originally buried together at Lubey cemetery.(Schlichting/Brownless)

Burial detail:

This crew now rest in the Kriegsgräberstätte Reillon, France. (Joint comrade’s grave).

Researched and compiled by Melvin Brownless with thanks to Simon Parry. Also in memory of Armin Goebel and Fritz Schlichting, sadly no longer with us. November 2014