11.07.1940 9./ZG 76 Messerschmitt Bf 110C-4 Wnr.3551 Oblt. Kadow Location: Grange Heath, near Lulworth, Dorset, England. +
Mission: Attack on Portland, Dorset, England.

Date: 11
th July 1940

Time: 12.10 hours.

Unit: 9./Zerstoerergeschwader 76

Type: Messerschmitt Me 110C-4

Werke/Nr. 3551

Code: 2N + EP

Location: Grange Heath, near Lulworth, Dorset, England.

Pilot: Oberleutnant. Gerhard Kadow. Wounded.

Radio/Op: Gefreiter. Helmut Scholz. - Slightly injured.


Shot down by green Section of No. 238 squadron (F/O D. C. MacCaw, P/O H. J. Mann and Sgt C. Parkinson during combat over Portland. Aircraft forced landed after being harried by S/L J. S. Dewar of No. 87 Squadron and F/O Riddle of No. 601 Squadron

Probably took off from Laval as a crewman had shop receipts in his pocket from the town. When flying at 12,000 ft. the crew were surprised by a fighter and both engines stopped, the pilot carrying out a good force landing. Markings: E in yellow. Pilot: Gerhard Kadow was shot after landing while attempting to burn his papers and wounded.

1 Me 110 Kadow
The Messerschmit
t Bf 110 of Oblt. Kadow after crash landing (Burgess Collection)

2 Kadow (centre)
Oberleutnant. Gerhard Kadow pictured in the centre (Burgess Collection)

Researched and compiled by Melvin Brownless. With special thanks to Nigel Parker and the late Pat Burgess. March 2015.