12.08.1940 3./KG 51 Junkers Ju 88A-1 Wnr.3134 Oblt. Graf Location: Horse Pasture Farm, Westbourne, near Thorney Island, Sussex, England. +
Mission: Attack on R.A.F. airfields.

Date: 12
th August 1940

Time: 12.15 hrs.

Unit: 3 Staffel ./Kampfgeschwader 51

Type: Junkers Ju 88 A-1

Werke Nr.3134

Code: 9K + EL

Location: Horse Pasture Farm, Rowlands Castle, Westbourne, near Thorney Island, Sussex.

Oberleutnant. Hans Graf – Killed.

Oberfeldwebel. Horst Guenther Czepik – Killed.

Unteroffizier. Walter Floeter – Killed.

B/M: Gefreiter. Gunther Fleischmann wounded, landed Hayling Island.


Started from Melun, south of Paris at 12.30 hrs. Attacked by fighters at 9,000 ft., the wireless operator being killed and an engine hit. The aircraft went into a spin and the crew bailed out. The aircraft broke up in the air, the rear gun position landing outside the Operations Room at Thorney Island aerodrome.

Markings: E in yellow. A blue shield with a white starfish in the centre, yellow patch in centre of starfish. Upper surfaces dark green, under wing grey.

Crash 1
Wreck of the Junkers at Horse Pasture Farm under guard (Burgess Collection)

Crash 2

Burial detail: West Thorney, Sussex, England.

Graf 1ccCzepik 2ccFloeter 3
ccccOblt. Hans Graf + (Ellis)cccccccc ccccccccccccOfw. Horst Czepik + (Ellis)cccccccc ccccccccUffz. Walter Floeter + (Ellis) ccccc

Researched by Melvin Brownless with special thanks to Pat Burgess +,Nigel Parker, Simon Parry and Clive Ellis. March 2015.