16.08.1940 3./St.G.2 Junkers Ju 87B Wnr.5129 Ofw. Rocktaeschel. Location: Bowley Farm, South Mundham, Sussex, England.
Mission: Attack on Tangmere aerodrome, Sussex, England.

Date: 16
th August 1940

Time: 13.05 hours.

Unit: 3 Staffel./Stukageschwader 2

Type: Junkers Ju 87B

Werke/Nr.5129 or possibly 5168

Coded: T6 + KL

Location: Bowley Farm, South Mundham, Sussex, England.

Pilot: Feldwebel. Heinz Rocktaeschel. 58221/8 - Captured severely wounded.

Gunner: Oberfeldwebel. Willi Witt. 58221/5A - Killed.


Whist returning from operations over Tangmere aerodrome, attacked by fighters and both crew members were hit in the head by bullets. Although badly wounded, the pilot made a very good forced landing with the aircraft landing on its wheels, with only the wing tips being damaged when the aircraft hit trees. Forty bullet strikes were found in the aircraft. Sadly the pilot passed away the next day due to the severe head wound.

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The aircraft being inspected by RAF personnel and viewed by the public. (Parker).

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Crews grave at Cannock Chase. (Brownless).

Burial details:

Both crew members now rest in the German Soldatenfriedhof at Cannock Chase, Staffordshire, England. Block 6 Graves 161 & 162.

Researched and compiled by Melvin Brownless with special thanks to Nigel Parker.


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