10.12.1942 6./KG6 Junkers Ju 88A-14 Wnr.144321 Ofw. Spengler Location: Catenanouva, near Gerbini, Sicily, Italy.
Mission: Feindflug.

Date: 10
th December 1942

Unit: 6 Staffel./Kampfgeschwader 6

Type: Junkers Ju 88A-14


Coded: 3E +

Location: Catenanouva, near Gerbini, Sicily.

Pilot: Oberfeldwebel. Karl Spengler – Killed. Born: 17.11.1913 in Krombach.

Observer: Not known.

Radio/Op: Unteroffizier. Herbert Rauter – Killed. Born: 18.07.1922 in Wien.

Gunner: Profmeister. Theodor Gundlach – Killed. Born: 25.05.1914 in Klensby.


Crashed on take-off and burnt out at Catenanouva by Gerbini all killed - source "Wir flogen gegen Westen" the KG6 history by Jan Horn.

1 Ofw Karl Spengler KG6
Pilot; Karl Spengler (via Wolfgang Graf).

2 Ofw Karl Spengler KG6
Death notice for Karl (via Wolfgang Graf).


Burial details: Those who lost their lives now rest in the Deutsche Soldatenfriedhof in Motta, St. Anastasia.



Karl Spengler; Endgrablage: Gruft 4 Reihe 15 Platte 9 Sarkopharg 27

Herbert Rauter;
Endgrablage: Gruft 4 Reihe 15 Platte 9 Sarkopharg 54

Theodor Gundlach; Endgrablage: Gruft 4 Reihe 15 Platte 9 Sarkopharg 49

Researched and compiled by Melvin Brownless, with special thanks to Wolfgang Graf and Brian Bines and the VDK. June 2014.

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