24.09.1942 4./NJG3 Dornier Do 217N Wnr.1285 Ofw. Dirr Location: In sea, 1 km west of Blidzel (Sylt).
Mission: Enemy flight.

Date: 24th September 1942

Unit: 4 Staffel./Nachtjagdgeschwader 3

Type: Dornier Do 217N


Coded: Not known.

Location: 1 km west of Blidzel (Sylt).


Pilot: Oberfeldwebel. Johann Dirr. 53101 B/4. Taken to Luftwaffe field hospital at Westerland. Born 25.01.1915 in Staufen.

Radio/Op: Unteroffizier. Herbert Platzek. 5301 B/6. Born 26.11.1919 in Maradken (Ostpr.)

Flt/Eng: Unteroffizier. Heinz Bons. L.T.K.Fl.W.Sch.S Prarow Nr.110. Taken to Luftwaffe field hospital at Westerland. Born 28.02.1917 in Cologne.


This aircraft crashlanded in the Wattensee (Wadden Sea) due to engine failure. Ofw. Dirr suffered serious injuries to his left foot, so severe were these injuries he had to have his foot amputated to save his leg. Uffz. Bons was also taken to the Luftwaffe field hospital at Westerland but his injuries if any are not known. From the WASt Verlustmeldung no details are given to the fate of the Radio/Operator Uffz. Platzek, it is presumed he survived the crash.

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Oberfeldwebel. Johann Dirr, Pilot. (Hall/Brownless).

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At the controls of a Messerschmitt Bf 110. (Hall/Brownless).

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Messerschmitt Bf 110 being prepared for flight by Johann Dirr. (Hall/Brownless).

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Johann Dirr pictured shortly after release from hospital. (Hall/Brownless).

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Location of crash site of Johann Dirr's Dornier Do 217. (Hall/Brownless).

Researched & compiled by Melvin Brownless (Aircrew Remembrance Society) and the late Steve Hall of Brighton.

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