23.03.1943 Stab II/SKG10 Focke Wulf Fw 190A-5 Wnr.52554 Oblt. Laumann Location: Near Strete, Dartmouth, Devon
Mission: Dartmouth area, Devon.

Date: 23rd March 1943

Time: 19.15 hrs.

Unit: Stab II./Schnellkampfgeschwader 10

Type: Focke Wulf Fw 190A-5

Werke Nr.52554

Code: H + (Green)

Location: near Strete, Dartmouth, Devon.

Pilot: Oberleutnant. Oswald Laumann 74917/32. Born 11.03.1915 in Berlin - Killed.


Five aircraft approached the land, near the River Dart, four, carrying bombs flying line astern very low, while the fifth at
150 ft, slightly to starboard on a south westerly course, when a search light battery opened fire with light AA and this air-
craft was seen to break formation with smoke coming from its engine. It hit a bank, broke up and scattered wreckage over several
fields and burnt out. The other four aircraft dropped their bombs in the Torcross area.

Markings: H in green, outlined in black. Camouflage; duck egg blue on the underside, with the underside of the engine cowling in
yellow, along with the whole of the rudder. Engine: BMW 801. Armament: two MG 151/20 were found from the wing roots with no guns
mounted over the engine. A bomb carrier marked ETC 500/12A was recovered.
Equipment: four steel oxygen bottles were carried, as opposed to the normal three.
The only effects recovered from the pilot were a German and a Polish coin and his identity disc. It was later established that he
was the Gruppe Adjutant.ID: 71497

Note; It is worth mentioning that this crash site was investigated by the Devon Aircraft Research and Recovery Team but very
little was found.

Gymnastics & sport document
Gymnastics and Sports Badge award document stamped; Dusseldorfer Aero Klub 15th May 1934 (Lewis)

Lt. Laumann + 23.03.43
Oblt. Oswald Laumann (Lewis)

1940 Pilot Certificate
Pilots certificate to Uffz. Laumann dated 8th March 1940 (Adam Lewis).

Remains of Oswalds burnt rank insignia (top and bottom) now held in the Lewis collection (Adam Lewis)

Funeral Card
Death notice for Oswald Laumann. (Adam Lewis)



Lord, this shall be your will

In remembrance of Luftwaffe Oberleutnant.
Assessor Dr. Oswald Laumann,

who gave his young life for the Fatherland during a mission over England on 23rd March 1943.

He was born in Berlin on March 11th 1915 as son of Heinrich Laumann and his wife Elly, born Lingenbrick.
He spent his youth in Duesseldorf-Oberkassel. After completion of secondary school (Comenius Gymnasium) he started studying
law in Freiburg and made his degree in Cologne in Spring 1939. His interest and delight in flying already started during his
early days in school. He served as a pilot for his fatherland from the first day of war until his death. His life was covered
with happiness and love to his parents and brothers and sisters; the more he was saddened of the early death of his younger
sister five years ago. His direct and open mind made him a beloved fellow to his teachers, senior officers, friends and comrades.
He was an upright catholic and son of his church. His promising life found an end much too early. We ask for a common prayer for
our beloved deceased Parents and his both sisters.

Duesseldorf-Oberkassel 1943 Translaled from the German (Rabeder)

Burial details:

Laumann's remains were claimed by his family in June 1962, and reburied in Field 012, Grave 0453 in Heerdt Friedhof, D¸sseldorf.

Researched by Melvin Brownless A.R. society, special thanks to Adam Lewis, and Joe Potter for their great contribution to this
page, also thanks to Harry Rabeder for translation, June 2012.

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