12.03.1945 10./JG2 Focke Wulf Fw 190D-9 Wnr.(not known) Lt. Lüdicke Location: Near Nidda, Germany.
Mission: Defence of the Reich.

Date: 12
th March 1945

Unit: 10 Staffel./Jagdgeschwader 2

Type: Focke Wulf Fw 190D-9

Werke/Nr. Not known.

Coded: Not known.

Location: Near Nidda,

Pilot: Leutnant. Helmut Lüdicke. Born 06.08.1921 in Zerbst – Killed/Missing.


This aircraft was shot down in combat with fighters, no further details known.

JG 2 LÅdicke Helmut
Pilot: Leutnant. Helmut Lüdicke.(Jeckel)

m+›gliche JG 2 L++dicke Absturzstelle Florstadt - Kopie
This watery crater at Florstadt is believed to be the crash site of Lt Lüdicke’s Focke Wulf D-9 (Jeckel)

Burial details: Not known.

Researched by Melvin Brownless with thanks to Horst Jeckel and Matti Salonen (March) 2013.

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