18.03.1945 3./JG7 Messerschmitt Me 262A-1 Wnr.170097 Oblt. Waldmann Location: Schwarzenbek, south of Hamburg, Germany.
Mission: Defence of the Reich.

Date: 18th March 1945

Unit: 3 Staffel./Jagdgeschwader 7

Type: Messerschmitt Me 262A-1


Coded: (Not known)

Location: Schwarzenbek, South of Hamburg, Germany.

Pilot: Oberleutnant. Hans Waldmann – Killed. Born 24.09.1922 in Braunschweig.


Climbing in dense fog he collided with his wingman, Leutnant Hans-Dieter Weihs, and crashed near Schwarzenbek south of Hamburg.

Oblt Hans Waldmann + 18.03.45
Hans Waldmann pictured shortly after entry into the Luftwaffe 1940

Waldmann was recommended for the Oak Leaves to the Knight's Cross, but the recommendation was not finalized before the end of the war.

Geschwaderkommodore Theodor Weissenberger then handed over command of 3./JG 7 to Oberleutnant Walter Schuck. Hans Waldmann flew 527 combat missions. He was credited with 134 aerial victories, 10 on the Western front and 124 on the Eastern front. His tally on the Eastern front includes 5 bombers, 87 fighters and 32 Il-2 Sturmovik ground-attack aircraft. On the Western front he claimed 8 fighters and 2 four-engined bombers. He also flew a number of ground attack missions destroying 33 various vehicles and 8 heavy transports.


• Ehrenpokal der Luftwaffe (10 March 1943)

• German Cross in Gold (17 April 1943)

• Iron Cross 1st. and 2nd Class

• Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross (5 February 1944)

Burial detail: Not found on VDK website.

Researched and compiled by Melvin Brownless, July 2013.

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